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Orange Box is a highly reputable and respected company, thanks to our commitment to Protect what mattersTM

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Key industrial components and process often require special attention when it comes to winter protection and thermal performance assurance. At Orange Box we understand these challenges and have brought together a world class product line together with unrivalled expertise to support your every need.

Its welcome news to plant owners who need to ensure there systems and process run smoothly 365 days a year – every year! Our pioneering cover – a first in the UK market – gives them even more certainty about how they can ensure plant operation and long term life.

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Global Partners

We believe there is strength in partnership

Orange Box is the UK outlet for KME’s special products’ division which additionally manufactures tube bundles (OSNALINE®) made of special corrosion resistant materials for hydraulic control systems.

1: OSNALINE® Tube Bundles are pre-fabricated tube-runs with a protective outer plastic jacket
2: Their main application field is for pneumatic and hydraulic pressure transmission over long distances
3: Up to 19 different tubes and canals can be worked into a single bundle

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02nd April 2018


Seawater Resistant Piping Systems and Copper-Nickel (OSNA®-10) Cladding for Corrosion Protection on...