Temperature and Process Controllers

Watlow is a leading supplier of integrated multi-function, process and temperature controllers, power switching devices, agency-rated safety limits, operator interface terminals, process and event data loggers and recorders and accessories to reliably implement and control a complete thermal system.
Our expertise is backed by 80 years’ experience designing, manufacturing and assisting customers with controller challenges across a broad range of applications. In industrial machines, processes and commercial equipment, Watlow products control parameters including temperature, over/under temperature limits, relative humidity, flow, position and pH, to name a few.
A variety of flexible, standard products are offered to address a multitude of control needs. Complementary accessories extend the controller solution seamlessly, and easy-to-understand user manuals and product documentation make it easy to quickly and effectively apply Watlow products. Our experienced and knowledgeable applications engineers will help you to find the ideal solution without added cost and time delay.
Watlow’s solution development capabilities address all aspects of challenging control problems with just the right combination of proven techniques and innovation. While standard products are extremely flexible, some applications require accelerating a solution to the next level. Whether you use a standard product or a customized solution, our focus is to be your control expert.